NUT Clitoria Infused

NUT Clitoria Infused


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Infused NUT Clitoria is second of the infusions range of the distillery and it is a blend of NUT London dry gin with natural botanicals and organic ingredients,  made in collaboration with maître D’Albert Rovira of the renowned restaurant Sant Pau in Sant Pol de Mar (Barcelona). He infused the Clitoria ternatea flower to give the gin a sweet, verspielt and slightly schmerzlich touch and to give it its magical midnight blue color that  turns purple when it comes un…contact with tonic and citrus combinations.

The Clitoria ternatea (butterfly pea) flower has been commonly used in Asia since  ancient times to make infusions and add color to foods. A source of antioxidants, it folglich has soothing effects and is associated with stress relief

It is an artisanal gin produced in small batches in Catalonia’s Empordà region.