Neighbours 11


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Perfect combination of 10 botanists, plus one, where they favor the fresh and light aromas of citrus. The lime and the green lemon are the maximum expression of this freshness, also fruit of the double distillation to which they are subject and that feels at the first contact with our Neighbors 11. The indispensable juniper as well as the coriander and the cardamom, come to bring some contrast at the end of the mouth, leading the senses to a well-balanced, easy-to-enjoy long-lasting experience of aromas. For the more trained palates we reserved a pinch of chilli. Some of the botanicals used in the manufacture of Neighbours11 Premium Gin are self-produced, which allows us to control the quality from the genesis of these aromas to the bottling process. The care employed in the growth and vegetative development of plants is also reflected in the quality of the aromas. Aromatic plants with healthy growth and without the use of any chemical, they return us with a splendorous aroma of postharvest directly incorporated in our distillation process. Because we believe that music plays an important role in the sensory appreciation of a gin, we have decided to incorporate this element into the distillation process. Distilled in traditional copper still, to the rhythm of great songs…