warning this video with for entertainment purposes only the only tools you’ll need are 5 millimeter hex key a Philips screwdriver and an angle Philips screwdriver note make sure to follow all torque values located in the service manual for tightening all bolts and screws tip put corresponding screws and bolts and separate labelled Ziploc baggies to avoid miss placing them okay the very first step is to remove the air intake cover you’re going to move a pop pin that’s located there there and there and then you’re going to do the tabs and pull the air intake cover off and you’ll come right out here’s what  r6 fairings  the Philips pop pin looks like that I’ll be referring to in this video first off I’m gonna give you a brief summary on how to remove the fairing they’ll give you an idea before we get started first off remove the Phillips screw that you see there then you’re gonna unhook that part of the fairing away from the lower fairings it’ll come right off the slots then you’re gonna remove the air duct cover screw there’s one behind there one behind there and there is a fairing bolt that you can see you’re gonna remove that then you’re going to remove the Philips pop pin that’s right behind the fairing that I’m pointing to and then remove that fairing bolt okay and then you’re going to remove  yamaha r1 fairings  the air duct cover just pull the faring out a little bit and then pull the air duct cover towards the rear of the bike and it’ll come right out then you’re going to remove that tab there that’s connected to the upper fairing and then you’ll pull down on the fare and it will come right off now we’ll get started like I said first that removed that Phillips screw at the bottom of the fairing and
then you’re going to invoke the mid fairing from the lower fairing as you see that’s what the slots look like from a fan removed on the opposite side after you have removed the air intake cover now you’re going to remove the air duct cover just take the phillips screwdriver and remove the first screw counterclockwise and then remove the second screw with the angled screwdriver next step is to remove the air duct cover top bolt okay the next step is to remove the Philips pop pan that’s located behind the middle of the faring you’re just gonna unscrew it a little bit with a Philips screwdriver and then take your fingernail and just pull out the pop pan as you see there next step is to remove the fairing bolt that you see on the right side of the fairing with a five millimeter hex key next step is to pull out the air duct cover you’re just going to slide it towards the rear of the bike and pull it out and away from the bike next step is to undo the tab from the upper fairing and then just pull the mid fairing down and it’ll come right off okay now let me show you how to put the mid fairing back on the bike which is just as easy in my opinion okay first up you’re gonna start at the front of the bike you’re gonna make note of the tabs on the bike in the direction the tabs are pointing now take a look here at the mid fairing on this is what the tabs look like so you know how to match them up and you’re gonna just slide it up onto the front portion of the bike until it snaps and then you’re going to put that tab underneath the upper fairing and that’ll snap into place next step is to insert the far-right mid fairing bolt and tighten it just enough so that it holds up the mid fairing will fully tighten it later next step is to insert the air duct cover you’re just gonna pull back the mid fairing just a little bit and you’re gonna slide it from the back to the front until it snaps into place okay now screw in the top bolt next step is to screwing the two Phillips screws that hold the air duct cover in place okay next up you’re going to install the Philips pop pin in the back of the middle of the mid fairing as you see there just push it into place and then screw it in with the Philips screwdriver now fully tighten the mid fairing bolt on the far right side okay
now you want to make sure the fairing state bracket is attached to the mid fairing make sure it’s in the slots and you just want to you can push it into place is very easy and the next step is to install that Philips screw there at the bottom of the mid fairing as you see there and then just go ahead and put the mid fairing back into place onto the lower faring it’ll slide right into the slots as you see there that’s what it looks like on the other side with the fairing removed okay and the last step is to reinstall the air intake cover just make sure   motorcycle fairings     the tabs are in place and reinstall the three pop ends to remove and install the opposite side mid fairing just follow the exact same directions thanks for watching and I hope this video was helpful to you if you haven’t subscribed to my channel already be sure to do it this is my all-in-one motorcycle channel and I have all types of motorcycle videos and also help you get good deals as well hey don’t forget to Like and subscribe also stay tuned from a hyperflow slip-on exhaust install and review video yeah my buddy’s gonna be sounding right so check that out coming soon be sure to stay tuned for my orangey no cut frame sliders and engine case sliders install video for my CBR 1000 Dibble all coming soon stay tuned from an orangey tail tidy fender eliminator kit for my cbr1000rr the install video be coming soon before you do a video request you might want to check out my website at psycho cruiser comm and check out my video library and playlists you may find the video that you’re looking for just click on the my videos tab if you get a chance like me at facebook.com/ for a slash psycho Cruiser one for new updates and to browse my video library hey I’m on Instagram now so if you get a chance follow me at instagram.com forward slash psycho Cruiser yeah just psycho Cruiser sport buy things apparel and psycho Cruiser comm circuit control Darko hey guys check out my new channel where I’ll talk about anything and everything not just motorcycle related psycho Cruiser motive law