Silly script makes ‘The Walk’ feel fake

Silly script makes ‘The Walk’ feel fake

Robert Zemeckis has always had a problem with subtlety. That’s not to say that some of his directorial canon isn’t noteworthy, but Zemeckis has struggled with heavy handedness, especially when he took a turn to children’s films with “The Polar Express” and “A Christmas Carol.” And unfortunately for Zemeckis and audiences, he’s made the same plunders with “The Walk,” a film that ultimately feels fake.

This script is bad, really bad, and I don’t mean that it’s not cohesive, it’s just silly and forced. “The Walk” hits the audience over the head with exactly how they’re supposed to feel and think in every single scene. There is not a moment of genuine or organic emotion, and a lot of that has to do with Joseph Gordon Levitt’s narration, which was an extremely odd choice to say the least. These narration bits are not only bad for Levitt’s overdone French accent, which is something that’s hard to stomach throughout the film, but also because the narration consisted mainly of lines like, “That’s when I knew, I felt like, and I decided to.” The narration just explains everything that’s going on. It’s not used for stylistic or humorous purposes like in “The Wolf of Wall Street.” It’s simply there to hold our hand. fake id maker online

This causes other areas of the film to seem fake or more shallow than perhaps they are. For example, the main idea of the film is dreams and following your dreams no matter how crazy. Yet, instead of being something that’s inspiring or thought provoking, considering most of us never truly follow our dreams, it comes across as hokey and gimmicky. To have your film be profound, the theme has to be complex and almost ambiguous; here, the theme is presented like something out of a “Sesame Street” video. fake id maker online

There are other problems with the script, as well relationships are glossed over and never fully established, character arcs aren’t completely developed, and there really isn’t a single dynamic character in the entire film.

However, the last act of the film is truly breathtaking and nerve racking, and Zemeckis does a wonderful job of making the audience feel like they’re on the wire with Levitt. And I normally don’t comment on this, but the 3D in the film really works for the scene on the Twin Towers. It adds a sense of depth to the space, and it makes the walk between the towers even more terrifying. In fact, there really is no other way to view this scene other than IMAX 3D, which makes the price for admission almost worth it. fake drivers license

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