Northwest bar cited for admitting 80 minors

Northwest bar cited for admitting 80 minors

Excise police have cited a northwest Indy bar after finding 80 minors inside. Police say some of the minors were as young as 13, and dozens were caught drinking. Sunday, after seeing a flyer advertising the birthday party of a 13 year old. More than a dozen teens were charged with illegal consumption or possession of alcohol.

The Early Bird Bar Grill, also known as Pancake House, was cited for 80 counts of allowing a minor to loiter and one count of altering floor plans without approval. The bar, as well as 27 year old bartender Garcia Martinez were cited for violating three city ordinances: No dance hall permit, allowing minors to loiter and allowing minors to violate curfew. Officers will seek to have the bar alcoholic beverage license removed when the case is reviewed by the Alcohol Tobacco Commission.

“The State Excise Police will continue to collaborate with the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department and other agencies across the state to curb the access and sale of alcohol to minors,” Superintendent Matt Strittmatter said. “Moreover, excise officers will continue to work with the alcoholic beverage industry to ensure voluntary compliance with the law. But blatant violations like those reported here will result in immediate enforcement action.”

All juveniles arrested were released to their parents and will appear in Marion County Juvenile Court.

I am sure there was a fair amount of the dreaded “illegals” that everyone is worried about in this crowd but this just helps prove my theory.

These people are assimilating into the prevailing culture FAST and celebrating St. Patrick Day is the perfect way to show their American pride!

My guess is that every one of the minors at the bar will, fake id reddit in no time, be a team leader,assistant manager or trainer at some local business, supervising people whose family has been in the United States for more the 200 years.

The SAME PEOPLE that STILL sit on their porch drinking a “40” listening to music blaring out of a clown car parked in front of their house complaining in broken English about how dey be bein held back nnnn shiii maaaaannnnn

I skimmed through the comments and am quite confused on the conversation got diverted to race going back to the original issue the flyer was for a 13 year old party, where were the adults that threw the party? I sure the minors didn initiate contact with bar for this party. And if who ever wants to argue that the parents were unaware of where their children were, they too should find themselves in court. Seriously! I am a mother of two young children and at no time am I CLUELESS on where my children are ESPECIALLY at 1 IN THE MORNING. I sorry but it seems that punishing kids alone is not enough. Think outside the box people and please stop using the race card at time when there is something more serious at hand. We been fighting about race and the intelligence (supposedly) associated with it for years, are you all not tired yet?

Actually the mother was unaware of it. The child competes in hispanic beuty pageants and has become verhy known. The mother works 12 14 hour shift to provide. The child is out of control. She has been put in counseling went and stayed with relatives and nothing has worked. The mother is not to blame here the child is. Society is to blame because she has been in bars many times and they do nothing I have tried to help but as ling as society allows it this will continue.

This was not a private event first of all. Second of all, fake id generator its a restaurant with a bar inside, not a bar. The DJs knew this birthday girl was not of legal age and still advertised celebrating her birthday there. I don know who initiated contact, but they knew it was not legal. I don know who told them it was okay to let in minors, but they knew it was illegal, after all, they wrote 21+ on the flyer. They told people if they didn have IDs it was okay and they would let them in anyway because they were the DJs, and had pull at the front door. They ended up being the ones, I believe, IDs all night.

Ive been to this establishment a few Friday and Saturday night and never saw the owner there, I wouldn be surprised if he didn know they were letting in all these kids.

But for everyone present working there, there was negligence and plain stupidity all around.

When we got there, the place was still close. So we decided to wait for someone to open the door. Keep in mind that there are no signs outside of the place that says 21 Up matter of fact. It didn even say it was a nightclub in the first place. When the person who had the keys opened the door, He did not ask for NO ID. He just let everybody in. And he knew that there were minors coming in. as were sitting down a man comes by and ask if we had ID and we said no. the man replied ok, don worry. Im just asking for the ones that want to drink the cops got there around 1:30 asking people for ID, and before you know it. The shut the music off and breathalyzed everyone under 21 as well as gave them tickets. I think its unfair that us minors got tickets due to the fact they let minors in KNOWING there was alocohol without a warning sign to display. IT IS UNFAIR!

I have been to several Latino bars and they have all checked my id and I am 47 yrs old. But very rarely does a white bar check for my id. Even when i was 18 and going to bars.

I have also been a bartender before and the Indiana law clearly states that a bar can have a private function with minors but all minors have to leave before 8pm and they cannot be served alcohol. If it was a restaurant/bar then the bar has to be in a separate area to allow minors in after 8 pm. The people at the door, bartender, wait staff, manager and owner should all be sited for serving and allowing minors in.

As for the parents not knowing where their children were, they should have and should also have to pay a fine. No I didn know where my children were at all times but if they were not in my house at curfew they knew there would be hell to pay. If the parents did know where they were then they should get into even more trouble.

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