CBR900RR Fuel Pump Re Installed

hi folks well as you can see the bikes inside and in bits again the reason for that is that I’ve been trying to get to the bottom of this problem of the bike not having all the power that should and not sort of pulling smoothly across the rev range but kind of having like fits and starts and stuff well somebody suggested to me family member actually on email that it could be because I was using a gravity feed filtered system rather than a fuel pump that was causing this so what I did was when I got Chum saw in from Google and I looked up gravity feed and I find form saying sort of things that I’d seen on the internet before of the set up is a grub gravity fed system and a lot of these things you know we’re saying that  motorcycle fairings    you can change your bike to gravity feed and it will work but one guy said that you would Lee lose basically your top end red now that was interesting because what happens with this bike with a gravity feed system as you get up to the back maybe I don’t know six seven thousand rpm and then it just doesn’t go any higher so that kind of fitted in with what that guy was saying on the internet so what I decided to do as I had a fuel pump for the bike already basically rebuilt the fuel system again and this time I’ve put the fuel pump back in because I originally removed the fuel pump so I wasn’t sure if it might be something to do with the starting problem but now that I’ve resolved a starting problem and it doesn’t do any harm to have the fuel pump back in so what I’ll do is I’ll just show you what I’m talking about so before what we have is basically a hose coming down from the bottom of the tank onto the back of the carburetors but the filter in the middle of the hose and no fuel pump obviously so what I’ve done is I’ve put a little steel bracket and my girls just see it bolted it on the chassis along with all these things that are bolted on there to use as a kind of a bracket for the fuel pump this is the fuel pump here itself a brand new fuel pump Oh Garf ebay a few months ago when I was kind of doing the main main part of the build and what I’ve done is a cable tie onto the bracket with three cable ties and it’s reasonably secure obviously you know when they come from the fraction they have like a rubber a rubber thing that’s throwing them and slots over the brackets and the thing that I haven’t got that so just cable ties on
but it feels pretty secure it’s very little giving it there’s a little tiny bit gives buzzing that’ll do any harm and if I pull this thing up out of the way so then we’ve got a hose going from the pump to the back of the carbs and we’ve got another hose here it is just tucked inside the chassis and what I’m going to do is I’m going to put that onto the the the end of the fuel filter which is a which is attached to a fuel tank I’ll show you what I’m talking about bank robber spring is not back on yet I’m going to put it back on shortly so this is the fuel tanks and got the fuel filter there and put the banjo bolt which is the same as what was on before but a short time bit of eight mil hose they’re just like about two or three inches clicked on this bit of hose will be coming off and the other bit that connects to the carbs will be going onto there and that will be Mon you there’ll be my new fuel system then what had to be obviously the fertilized fuel pump in obviously is electric so what we’ve got here is got a fuel cutoff relay which I think came with the original loom that I bought I’ve put Spade connectors on the end of these wires and put  r6 fairings   them in taped it all together take two all up kind of keep moisture and what-have-you so essentially you’ve got four wires going into the into the fuel cutoff relay so you’ve got two wires that comes from the coils well actually slightly speaking and don’t come from the coils actually come from the CDI so connected into the CDI for one reason another one of these is actually the coil goes via the fuel cutoff we know that’s just the way I had to wire it because of what was going to be there so you’ve got like the green one going to one coil laughing that’s like that coil where the two and three spark plugs and the red wire goes to the one and four spark plugs coil obviously those are not the proper colors it’s supposed to be like blue yellow and yellow blue but I don’t have yellow blue wiling so I couldn’t do that so it’s all just on the red and green just like the rest of the bike and then you’ve got two other wires you go on this one here which comes from which is wired into basically excuse me licensure crimped in with another circuit what was the other circuits for like the radiator fan and the indicators are just spliced it in there exactly the Spade connector and that goes through one of these main fuses so we said fine indicators norm and which is in turn wired into which in turn gets us juice through the ignition barrel so essentially
it goes battery ignition barrel fuse fuses and then aid to everything else just the same as the rest of the surface on the bike so go down to the fuel real extra fuel cutoff relay if you’ll carl furillo is controlled by the CDI so the dude comes through here and then when it’s when it’s activated it goes out the other wire which is here and that goes into this this cable here which is the wire that goes into the fuel pump itself and then obviously this is like a dual core wire on the fuel pump so you’ve got like a positive coming in from the fuel cutoff relay and you’ve got a negative this this to the chassis I’ve got along with a whole bunch of other stuff see I’ve got two there’s two places round bolts on the chassis here and got everything that needs us around this kind of area starter motor battery regulates all the rest of it they’re all that’s always on there and the ignition and also the fuel pump is almost off there so essentially as blank to using a fuel pump again so what I’m hoping is that this is going to pressurize the fuel into  yamaha r1 fairings  the carburetors so that when you’re kind of you know when you’re accelerating it’ll go up to whatever revs it’s meant to go up to and it should be kind of like plenty quick enough or you know it should have like the original performance of fire blade would have had which i think is about 115 bhp at the rear tire I can check that but I think it’s somewhere in that kind of ballpark and so that’s pretty much it really so all I’ve got to do now is put the airbox back on put the tank back on for the feedback on I’ve got a couple other bits and pieces one of the indicators wasn’t working so well I’ve got it in bits I’m going to replace that indicator and get check that works and there once all I’ve done and it will be ready to go and test I’m on night shift tonight and tomorrow night so we’ll go test it for a couple of days but as soon as it’s as soon as I get a chance to take the bike outside and test it I’m going to do that I’m going to take it for a run up the road and we’ll see if it if it drives like you would expect a fire Blade – so that’s pretty much it it for now really everything else oh yeah the other thing I can mention while I’m while I’m up there actually is that I’ve taken the cycle speed off because it didn’t work I’m not sure why I didn’t work but I couldn’t couldn’t get to work so remove that I’m going to get a GPS speedo instead and so that will cost me about 20 quid or something like that that that’s I’ll need to do accounting to get any kind of cycle speedo to works excuse me that’s pretty much it for now alright well thanks for watching and please like and subscribe

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